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Providing gentle, compassionate, dignified and professional care
to mentally disordered people.


Psychiatric Care

The clinical psychiatric care of our residents is either by State Psychiatric Services or by psychiatrists in the private sector. Any prescribed medication is supervised by a nursing sister to ensure compliance and safety. Visits to the attending psychiatrist are arranged by the home but transport costs and medication are for the account of the family, trust or curator.

The main aim of the residential care provided is to ensure a safe, contained and low stress environment. However the staff do try and reinforce basic life skills associated with independent living e.g. attending to personal hygiene, developing hobbies, tidying rooms etc. Where appropriate residents are encouraged and assisted in finding suitable employment.

We do enjoy the weekly services of a qualified Occupational Therapist.

Family involvement is an important part of the overall management strategy and is strongly advocated wherever possible.

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