Providing gentle, compassionate, dignified and professional care
to mentally disordered people.



In the early 19th century Hurley Estate was laid out around Hurley House – the current main St Anthony’s building.

The northern half remained a private dwelling and the southern half became the Ennerdale Hospital and Nursing Home shortly after World War 2 with the addition of the long low building comprising a single operating theatre, a sluice room (still there) and 6 wards (now all single rooms) but they were then mainly double and treble bed wards.

The hospital closed in the late 1970’s due to regulation changes for hospitals and it became an old age and frail care home. It was bought by the current owner (Mr Edwards) and a specialist doctor in 1989.

It subsequently ceased operation in 2007 as an old age and frail care establishment and since July 2007 St Anthony’s has been dedicated to the specialised long term care of chronic psychiatric residents.

Target entry level age is between 30 and 50 years old.

Mr Edwards has been the sole owner since March 2012.

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